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We have started a collection of patient handouts that you can download and print. (Note: Many of these are large file and may take a long time to download.) Some of these documents are in .pdf format - if you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can get it here. Permissions have been granted for all of the pamphlets we have scanned in; other links go directly to publicly-available sites. If you have any other handouts you would like to contribute, please contact us.

The Children’s Hospital at Oklahoma University Medical Center has designed a series of Injury Risk Factor Surveys for children of different ages to be used as a screening device. The American Academy of Pediatrics also offers Safety Surveys in both English and Spanish, which you can purchase.

Parenting Tips/Dealing with Behavior
Violence in the Home/Child Abuse and its Effects
Violence Outside the Home

Injury Prevention
Other Information

Parenting Tips/Dealing with Behavior:

31 Things to Do Instead of Hitting or Screaming

“My Baby Keeps Crying...I Just Want the Crying to Stop” - information for parents to prevent shaken baby syndrome (in English and Spanish)

ParentTips: Angry Kid, Calm Parent

Facts for Families from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (brief printable articles on a variety of social, medical, and psychiatric issues) or in Spanish or in French

Bright Futures TipSheets (information on the health and well-being of children at different developmental stages)

Time-Out! (on using time-outs) or in Spanish

Raise Your Child with Praise: Tips for Parents with 2-5 Year Olds or in Spanish

Parents: Making a Winner of Your Young Athlete (how to support children in healthy ways)

101 Ideas for Summer Fun (ways to keep kids busy - and promote family peace - during school vacation)

Shopping with Children (ways to deal with challenging behaviors at the supermarket)


Violence in the Home/Child Abuse and its Effects:

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...and Words Can Hurt Me Too (preventing verbal abuse)

Never Shake a Baby (preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome)

Safe Sleeping (preventing SIDS) from the James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children and Clarian Health Partners - in English and Spanish

When Children Witness Violence in the Home: Helping Children Cope or in Spanish

Helping Traumatized Children: A Brief Overview for Caregivers

Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children: Consequences of Emotional Neglect in Childhood or in Spanish


Violence Outside the Home:

Talking with Kids About Violence

Some Myths & Facts About Violence & Tips on How You Can Help or in Spanish

Pulling the Plug on TV Violence: Facts and Tips for Parents or in Spanish

Bullying - It’s Not Okay: When Your Child is the Victim, the Bully, or a Bystander or in Spanish

Street Violence: Your Child Has Been Hurt - What You Can Do or in Spanish

Teen Dating Violence: What Parents Need to Know or in Spanish

The following are especially good for teens leaving for college:

Best Defense Against Assault

Rape: Prevention and Resources

Date Rape Drugs (5 pages)

Club Drugs Fact Sheet


Injury Prevention:

Click here for Injury Prevention handouts

Other Information:

Understanding Juvenile and Family Court



Last Updated: May 5, 2004
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